We are basically true and passionate Remote Control hobby lovers. We had a passion about this hobby but at that time we were unable to direct our passion on a correct path. There were many reasons behind that some of them are likely to discuss here. One of the problems we faced in developing our passion was the unavailability  the quality RC stuff in Pakistan. It was very difficult to gain such kind of stuff in Pakistan. When we finally got a way to access this stuff we found out that this stuff was very costly. The cost was so high that we simply could not afford it. At that time we felt sorry for our selves and all the other hobby lovers. At that point we decided that we will help out all the other hobby lovers in Pakistan.So we established this website.

With the help of this website and through the social network of Facebook.

We started helping the community.

Now our mission is to help out every single person related to the hobby by providing him the quality stuff in cheap rates. We think that what happened to us about our passion for the hobby should not happen this to anyone else. The troubles and difficulties we faced in developing our hobby no one else should face these difficulties anymore. So thats the mission we taken up.

And also in the universities assign different projects to the students that involve quadcopters, planes and rc cars etc. The students also wander here and there in search of the equipment but they can not find it easily at last they have only option to order it online from other country that procedure is also very time taking and costly and often custom rules are big hurdle in the process. These all difficulties are faced by the students. So, we thought we should help them out as well as hobby lovers.

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