Brushless Motors and ESCs

For beginners there are 2 types of motors used in drones: brushed and brushless motors. They vary in the way they work. The brushless is way more powerful for their weight than brushed motors, and they last way longer. For bigger quads: no question, brushless is king.

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But for the micro and nano drones, it’s fantastic to have these cheap motors to crash with confidence.

The internal workings of a brushed and a brushless motor is the same; both are based on electromagnetism.

When the motor windings become energized (both the motors have coils), a temporary magnetic field is created that repels (and/or attracts) against the permanent magnets present inside the motor.

This magnetic force is creating the repulsive force in the coil that is used to spin/rotate the shaft.

ESC is just like a gear box in a car, the gear box tells the wheels at which speed it must rotate, in the same way an ESC controls the speed at which the motor must rotate for the throttle applied. This throttle signal is provided by the flight controller to the ESC spinning the motor.

Most modern ESC’s are so advanced and filled with features they put the older generation ESC’s to shame.

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