12C Splitter for Pixhawk 2.4.8

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The Pixhawk I2C port Expand Board with cable I2C splitter expands the I2C port to allow up to four additional peripheral connections for Pixhawk flight controller. Use the 4-wire cable to connect the I2C splitter and add a compass module, external LED, digital airspeed sensor, or other peripherals to your vehicle. It is a useful tool and very convenient to connect. Pixhawk/APM flight control only one I2C interface, such as the need to connect more than one I2C peripheral, you can use the line board; Pixhawk – I2C points line board with five completely parallel vertical 1.25 4 a socket, convenient connection in the form of 1 drag 4 four I2C peripherals, for example, at the same time use the external compass and RGB modules. I2C line board and Pixhawk flight control the appearance of the connection.

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